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MeterTex provides utility billing for water, sewer, electric, gas and trash to multi-family communities across the nation.


Ratio Utility Billing Services (RUBS or Allocated Billing)
How Does it Work?
Simply put, resident bills are calculated by allocating a portion of the community’s entire bill to each apartment unit based on the size, number of occupants and/or a combination of these factors.

RUBS Is An Alternative To Submetering
RUBS billing can help your utility cost recovery when you cannot use submeters. RUBS is calculated based on your monthly utility bill; therefore, you will be able to recover a greater percentage of your utility expense.

Does RUBS Promote Conservation?
Yes. While submetering encourages individuals to conserve utilities, RUBS will promote the community as a whole to conserve utilities.

RUBS Billing Is Fair
We strictly follow the billing rules in each state.¬†While RUBS billing does not measure a resident’s exact usage, the allocation methods used are based upon industry-wide statistics.

Metered Billing
Bills are calculated based on the reading from a meter which measures the consumption for each apartment unit. This allows you to take the cost of resident utilities out of your overhead. You will eliminate the guesswork involved when you include utilities with rent.

Submetering Encourages Conservation
Residents who are fiscally responsible for their utility consumption tend to use less. Submetering can reduce your overall utility consumption, while encouraging your residents to become aware of the environment.

Submetering Is Fair
In a submetered environment, the resident actually using the utility is in control of their own consumption.

Multi-Item Utility Bill
Bills can be sent with one to six different types of charges (including pest control). Different methods of calculation or flat charges are available for each type of utility or charge.